We had our very first sonogram this past Wednesday :)
It is AMAZING that anyone could look at this tiny life and not accept the truth of God.  Furthermore, that anyone could watch this doll move, kick, squirm...and not even realize this is a baby - a life...even at just 11 weeks and 3 days!

Which is how far along we were Wednesday afternoon, making today 11 weeks and 5 days.  The doctor pushed Bug's due date back to March 14, 2010 (Sunday - maybe Jason should line up some emergency substitute teachers for that morning?).  Bug definitely inherited the "Hatch Nose," as seen in this first profile shot; with head, nose, neck, kicking arms and legs...Bug is just under 2 inches long.  AND!  Sonogram confirmation...just ONE bun in the oven!

The older we become and more experiences we undertake, we realize just how much we DON'T know.  But it's always fun to learn :) And sometimes a little gross.  Especially in childbirth...Regardless, babies are such a MIRACLE. 



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Look forward to sharing more in the upcoming weeks as we get this blogging trick under control!