We took a trip to see Grandma Bobbie in late July.  This time, Jonathon got to come along too!  It was hot.  And dry.  So we hydrated ourselves with the water hose and watermelon :)  Fun, fun!

trying to shake the water out of Judah's boots...




A few days after the Hatches returned to Irving, Hollie flew in for a visit!  It was the quickest vacation turn-around for the Harper sisters in years.  And so good to spend a little more time together :)



As it is with most trips to radical Hindu or Muslim nations, details of the trip cannot be disclosed via the Internet; however, please pray for India.  God is moving :)  The team was able to hear personal accounts of miracles that called 16 men to follow Christ!!!  Crazy, New Testament-like miracles that God used to raise up Indian Christians that will spread His word.  A lot of these men have been disowned by their families - parents, wives, children.  And even with the peace of Christ assuring them He is most precious, they're still hurting.  Pray for it...their families, their safety, their understanding of doctrine as new believers, their country...as God impresses the need, pray for it.