Hannah's sweet parents DROVE from Georgia to help with the unpacking, painting, and settling (who are they fooling, they came to see Judah...)!  HUGE help!!!  During the week we took a family trip to Judah's 4 month check-up (19 lbs 12 oz...size of your average 8 month old) and experienced his first efforts at reaching for toys (check out the video).  We had a wonderful time :)



Over a month ago (shame, shame for the delay) we were able to move much closer to the church.  It has been a WONDERFUL experience, but the transition took several weeks.  Poor Judah didn't have a clue where he belonged...

Fortunately!  God placed pretty amazing people in our lives!  Friends and family allowed us to crash their houses for days and weeks at a time until we could finalize the move. 

Shout out and MANY THANKS to the Selfs, Durhams, Grandma Bobbie, Colemans, Rodgers, Billups, and Mostys!  All of who either helped us pack or housed our family (or our boxes - or both) during the transition.

Goodbye Cedar Hill
...moving can be exhausting...
...sleepy babies...
...bath in the Bumbo!...
Grandma Bobbie's
...movie watching during the thunderstorm...
...dinner on the balcony...
...Judah's laughter...


VA Visitors!! part iii

More fun!!! Swimming, round 2!  Sweet, sweet family...Hannah's sister-in-law's husband's brother's house :) 
Also, a side trip to Tyler and Lauren's home during a quick air conditioning fiasco (thank you, THANK YOU!!!) and Judah's first swing!