Congratulations, Chase and Jessie!!!  Jason had the privilege of officiating a BEAUTIFUL wedding between two wonderful, God-fearing people. 
Excited that the Lord has another couple to display the mystery of Christ and His Church!



We're always at least a month behind :)
There's no rhyme or reason to the photos of September...we mostly stayed at home while Paisley grew some thigh rolls and practiced staying awake.  Friends occasionally stopped by for dinner and a couple of Psych episodes, and we were able to visit our newest newborn friend (congrats Keith and Becky!).



Even with a newborn, we're finding time to sleep and snuggle :)



It's that time of year!!!  Complete with corn maze :)  Jason and Judah even plucked and ate an ear!




Paisley Ann Hatch
September 2, 2012
11:11 a.m.
8 lbs 5 oz
21.5" long
Paisley's actually been here for a month, tomorrow.  A MONTH!  our littlest one is already a month old, so clearly there is a lot of material to cover...
Hannah's parents came in town about a week before the birth and stayed a week after we welcomed Paisley.  A perfect time to bond and chase their crazy grandson, then cuddle their newest granddaughter :)
God took care of every detail for Paisley's birthday :)  We loved our nurses and, of course, the same doctor who delivered Judah.  Hannah labored for about 24 hours, but Paisley took a measly 90 seconds to join us in the delivery room!  She is a precious gift, created in the perfect way and timing for our family :)
The Hatch Home has been loud and busy since Paisley's arrival :)  But we've enjoyed playing and documenting all the fun!  In addition to Paisley's birthday, we celebrated Jason's 31st birthday!!!  It was all a little much for sweet Judah - he fell asleep at his highchair, then promptly resumed sleeping on the couch, then shuffled over to finish his nap on PeePaw :)
Paisley has made some wonderful new friends already :)  Thank you, everyone, who has stopped by to welcome her home!
Judah has LOVED Paisley since the moment he saw her!  For about a week she was called "Brad Paisley," but he's temporarily settled on "baby sister," for now.  He is extremely protective of Baby Sister, LOVES to give her kisses, and introduces her to all his favorite toys and movies :)  Paisley is equally in love with her big brother.  Although the smile hasn't touched her mouth, you can see it in her eyes when she watches Judah talk and play :)  We're so excited about the upcoming months, when Paisley is a little sturdier and the kids can really play together.
It is so evident that God has put our family together for this specific time; Judah and Paisley were designed by Him, for Him, and God's chosen us to raise them in His perfect love.  Everyone who said the first few weeks with 2 kids were the hardest...they weren't kidding :)  But we're so grateful we can cling to the sovereignty of God.  He knows what He's doing, even though we CLEARLY don't :)  And it's by HIS power - not our wisdom, our energy, and certainly not by our patience - that Judah and Paisley will grow.  We have nothing to give our kids outside of Christ.  Anything brilliant that the Hatches accomplish is by the grace of God.  Praise Him for allowing us to be a part of His plan for these precious children!