Judah is singing these days :)  And it is PRECIOUS!!!  His favorite sing-songs are Ring-a-Round the Rosie, Twinkle Star, and...Jesus Loves Me :)


HONEY and GRANDPA!!! (aka - peepaw)

Family :)  This was Judah first drive to Georgia since learning to walk...a HUGE accomplishment for the entire family.  He did EXTREMELY well for a 2 year old!  Very rarely whiney, most of the 12 hour drive was, "Mama.  I wanna see PeePaw...  Mama.  I NEED PeePaw...  Mama.  I wanna go PeePaw's house."  Next time we'll keep our destination a secret until a few minutes out :)  Not only did Judah see Grandpa, we also spent wonderful time with Honey (Hannah's mom), Aunt Hollie, Uncle Tya, and Cousin Sydney :)  We churned ice cream, watched the squirrels while we ate breakfast on the back porch, played in the pool during the hot afternoons, and Honey made fried green tomatoes (twice!) :) BUT!  The high light of our trip...SYDNEY'S BAPTISM!!! 

A few weeks ago Sydney surrendered her will to God's will and responded to Jesus' FREE gift of freedom from sin and the eternal consequences of it :) Her brilliant revelation, when Tya reminded her that we must ACCEPT God's free gift, not just acknowledge its existence, was to say "but who wouldn't???" It's a legit question. If you're sick, don't just look at the prescribed medicine...TAKE it. But so many people haven't heard the complete truth of Jesus. There is an epidemic of misunderstanding in our culture...we focus solely on love and forget that God is also just. Sin requires punishment. God's mercy isn't to allow our sin to remain unpunished...it was to put the punishment of our sin on Jesus. God, therefore, remains the perfect judge while providing us an alternative to eternal death because of His love :) Thankfully, the power of Jesus overcame death :) Sydney understands that the treasures with Jesus FAR outweigh the "sacrifices" made on earth. And she will spend a life on earth with JOY and an eternal life with Christ :)

ALASKA! - part ii

Half day cruise around Ressurection Bay to Fox Island!  BEAUTIFUL!  We saw humpback whales, sea lions, eagles, and sea otters!  ...unbelievable views of snowy mountains, low fog, and glaciers!  ...lunch on a private island with all you can eat Alaskan salmon and prime rib, with king crab (Hannah's new favorite seafood) at a fraction of the usual cost!  ...pebbles PERFECT for skipping rocks!  ...and FREEZING weather when we picked up speed on the water!  It was unforgettable :)