Crazy hair boy!  Still haven't cut it...probably need to soon :)


BABY in the BLUEBONNETS - part iii

Our third annual bluebonnet photo session!  Achieving still shots of Judah gets a little more difficult each year, but as he paused briefly to (again) illegally peal the bluebonnet petals (and blow as though they were dandelions) we took a few great pictures :)  And as always, it amazes me that after over 10 years of watching fields turn solid blue each spring, the beauty never loses its appeal.  Only God's creation - like fire and the ocean - can hold man's attention this way.  Unlike our trends, cars, roller coasters, and movies, there's never need to improve upon what God has made.  We are so very grateful that God has reflected His beauty in His creation - which is just the smallest taste of His presence!


Judah has officially mastered most animal names and noises, including "deer" and "elk," as well as an impressively realistic impersonation of "pig."  However, he seems to favor "HORSEY!!!!" with a wild "NEIGH!!!!" and was THRILLED when our neighbors bought 2 Shetland ponies as part of their business.  No worries...the ponies won't be sleeping across the street indefinitely, but they were tied up in the front yard long enough for Judah to have a little fun :)



Judah took his first trip to Chuck E. Cheese!  There was pizza, cake, games, a HUGE mouse...and the kids had a blast :)  We discovered Judah's innate basketball skills, and Jason was able to hunt big game in March (with a proud assist from his son).  Happy Birthday, Cheyenne! 



It was a WONDERFUL 26th birthday!!!  Hannah woke up to donuts, a 6-pack of IBC Cream Soda, and beautiful flowers...then we packed up to roam the Dallas Blooms at the Arboretum :)  The weather was PERFECT for pictures and a picnic lunch.  What an amazing husband I have :)