JUDAH! - 9 months

He's crawling!  He's cruisin!  He's weighing in at 26 lbs 8 oz!  Hannah's given up on keeping a clean house throughout the day because he's into EVERYTHING! 
Judah Duke Hatch...9 months old :) 


DATE NIGHT!!!  We had a VERY special early Christmas present...free baby sitting!  Jason tooks us to ICE at the Gaylord.  2 MILLION pounds of ice sculpted by 40 artists from China, kept at a FREEZING 9 degrees!  We walked through giant scenes from a Charlie Brown Christmas, including an ICE SLIDE.  The final scene was a giant nativity ice sculpture :)  Fabulous.


Yes, we know it's the eve before Christmas Eve and we're FINALLY posting Thanksgiving pictures...

Thanksgiving was extremely non-traditional this year.  Not necessarily by choice...half the family ended up with the stomach virus, passing from family member to family member at the ranch and keeping others from travelling all together.  John was taking a preview trip to Thailand (please read about his radical mission! http://www.examiner.com/baptist-in-denver/john-hatch-going-out-on-a-limb-thailand), and Grandma was sent to the Amarillo hospital Thanksgiving morning with an unusual heartbeat.  Fortunately, we're SO BLESSED to be a part of the Hatch family tree - it is filled with amazing people.  Not only did dinner make it to the table, but we realized that dispite the "tragedy" of overtired babies, absent family members, and sickness, we have so many reasons to be grateful.  Crying babies mean we have another generation to love and teach :)  Missing John and several others proves we have a loving family :)  Vomit reminds us that a 24 hour bug is our biggest health concern :)  What an awesome family!