Paisley's 1st visit to the ranch (and her 1st time meeting Grandma Bobbie!)!  Judah was so excited to explore, it was near impossible to sit still for a picture.  Cold mornings, warm afternoons - perfect weather for Ranger rides :)  We ate tiny apples from Grandma's orchard, made play dough from scratch, spotted a porcupine in a tree, and scattered corn for the deer.  Great times :)



October!!!  Pumpkins and all things pumpkin flavored or scented :)  The month that ushers in the greatest holidays and weather!  The only time of year Hannah succumbs to overpriced autumn inspired foods, drinks, and decor :) We had a good October.  Our seasonal festivities (pumpkin patches and barn dance) were already posted, so here are some pictures of the kids just playing around the house this month :)



Happy Halloween!!!  It's a good 25% of the reason Hannah had kids...to dress them up :)  We joined FBC Irving for "Light the Night" hosted at different homes of church members across the Metroplex.  Hot dogs, drinks, and candy were served while we played games, painted faces, met neighbors, and shared the GREAT news of Jesus!
Judah was Lightning McQueen (for about 15 minutes before he took off his costume and played in the drainage ditch beside the house)...and Paisley was a watermelon :) (Jason and Judah's favorite food).



Second Annual FBC Irving College Barn Dance!!!  Our little cowgirl slept most of the night, and stared in wonder at the twinkle lights lining the ceiling for the rest :)  Judah danced...and danced...and DANCED!!!  He is quite skilled for a 2 year old, studying and experimenting with different moves, and was suprisingly undaunted by his comparatively small size among the throngs of stomping boots :)