...knees and toes!  Judah surprised us all with his mastery of anatomy!  Technically, just "ear" and "belly" - but still...brilliant.



While Honey, Honey, and Grandpa watched Judah...we headed down to Padre with a side stop in Austin :)  With the beach just a 5 second ride down the elevator and 30 second walk across the parking lot, we were able to visit the beach 2 or 3 times a day...PERFECT.  The weather was wonderful and Jason even endured some cheesy shopping in the tourist (think flamingo snow globe) stores :)  Conveniently (though not intentionally), this trip backed up to our 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!  Yay :)



We took our first trip away from Judah, and Hannah's parents (Honey and Grandmpa) and her grandma (Honey...that's right, two Honeys!) drove to Texas for a little alone time with their grandson.  It's SO wonderful to leave your first child for the first time and not have any worries because you KNOW he's in such CAPABLE, LOVING hands :)  We were also able to spend some time together before and after our trip...exchanging gifts (Mother's and Father's Day - a mug with a picture of their precious daughters ;) and Honey's (92nd) Birthday - a photo album of all the times she and Judah have spent snuggling), and playing in an outdoor fountain.  Family is so great :)

Four Generations

Mom's "about to cry" face

Honey having too much fun with Judah's toys :)

"Look!  A random hole in the ground."




Summer has arrived!  Triple digits are here and Judah is cooling down in his swimming pool :)  Equally as entertaining...the water hose!



14 month photos!  Our little man/big baby :)  Technically, our big toddler.  He's officially a toddler, in size and ability.  And in the last month we've had a LOT of fun getting into things :)  Judah pet his first cow, wore a pop tart hat to compliment sock hands, and (after breaking into the cinnamon on our spice rack) took a swim in the kitchen sink.

"Sit here, Judah.  Mama's going to wash your hands and feet."

"Thanks Mom, but I'll get it.  It's all the way up my thunder thighs."

"Ooo, that's nice.  What's in that bowl?"

"Potatoes!  I'll help."