We haven't seen Hannah's parents since October...which, pre-baby, did not seem like such a huge chunk of time...but since last March we've gotten in the enjoyable habit of seeing each other every couple of months. And what a crazy week to visit!!! One day it was short sleeves in the playground, the next we were sliding across the iced FBC Irving parking lot.  Judah ate a ton of snow and experienced his first brain freeze!

With our move coming up, the goal was to use their visit as valuable packing and remodel time...and one out of two isn't bad. Dad and Jason (and Anthony, and Jonathon, and Jason, and Mark!) did WONDERFUL remodels on the new house!! (thank you! thank you! thank you!) Now the house is almost ready, and packing isn't far behind. We'll get some pictures up once we've gotten settled. Hopefully Judah will be exploring his new house from the doorknobs down by this weekend.

While Mom and Dad were in town, we decided to have "Baby Dedication" last Sunday...the fancy title for announcing to our awesome brothers and sisters at FBC Irving that we're promising to raise Judah by the wisdom of God, teaching him to fear the Lord, and praying constantly for the day that Judah will choose to love and follow Christ. AND, our church family is absolutely given authority to hold us to that promise!

...around the house...



...lunch with Mary...

 ...snow day... 


...dinner at Angelo's...

...Baby Dedication...



Judah is in double digits!  The big boy is 10 months old :)  Fortunately, his age is catching up with his clothing size...just 8 months difference.  He's a lot more interactive and verbal these days, so we have a lot more videos to share!