Yes, we're behind.  And it probably won't be getting better with Baby Hatchette due any day...but below is a quick glimpse of our July!  Most of the month was covered in a heat advisory...and mosquitoes...so a lot of our play time was spent inside, with the exception of a FABULOUS summer storm!  It also looks like we did a lot of snuggling :) 



Nothing like cold, juicy watermelon after mowing the grass...



Petting Zoo!!!  We have SUCH an amazing Preschool/Childrens Ministry at FBC Irving.  A few casual events are planned in the summer for kids to run around while moms visit.  Judah had a blast :)  Check out his face on the 6th picture below...I thought he was about to saddle that goat.  And equally entertaining to petting farm animals...watching the grounds crew mow (last picture).



We've had SO much fun swimming this summer!!!  But since it's hard to hold onto Judah in the water and snap pictures, we don't have a lot of footage.  Thank you SO MUCH Felicia, Elijah, and Isaiah for sharing your pool and your watermelon with us!!!



Happy Birthday to YOU....PPPHHHTTHHHH!!!



In early July we were able to party with Mya at Grandma's Bobbie's 80th birthday party!  Andy and Patricia flew into Amarillo for Mya's big debut to the extended family, and we took the opportunity to celebrate Grandma's milestone.  The family is really growing...with little boys.  Fireworks in the park and the Will Rogers Range Riders Rodeo was an ADVENTURE with 4 preschool aged (and under) wild ones.  But with Mya joining Lily last December, Baby Hatchette due in just 15 DAYS, and another sweet girl coming to Bruce and Cynthia in November...it won't be long before the ladies catch up :)  We also headed over to Food Network Famous "Coyote Bluff" where Jason tested his masculinity with the "Hotter than Hell" burger.  The entire restaurant was in a coughing fit just from the vapors...and it wasn't without a little sweat, but Jason was victorious :)


Daddy really has a way of winding Judah down for bed :)