While Jason flew north for his dad's wedding in Canada (details and pics coming soon!), Hannah and the kids flew to Orlando to soak in the 80 degree heat, splash around the condo, chase seagulls at Daytona Beach, and create several priceless memories with Honey and PeePaw!

Pictures cannot do justice to the beauty and fun we had last week!!  We were all water logged by the end of our vacation...between the pool and beach, we did nothing but swim and sleep for 5 days!  Did we mention the condo had at least EIGHT heated pools?  With waterfalls cascading into the hot tubs?  A ground fountain for the kids AND a small pier above dozens of turtles and alligators?!  Paisley seemed to enjoy her first swimming experience (and EVERYONE enjoyed her precious thighs in that swimsuit!), and Judah was ecstatic (to put it mildly) with his first trip to the beach.

Wonderful trip!!!  Can't wait to go back :)



We were so busy partying last month that we had very little downtime for pics around the house, but here are a few...



Merry Christmas!!!  This year was spent in Georgia with the Harpers :)  Swinging in the woods, playing on the porch, riding the train around Stone Mountain, The Hobbit with Hollie and Tya, Christmas Eve Candle Light services, and SO MUCH MORE!!! 

Gifts are great :) Family is even better, but we CANNOT speed through the Christmas season and forget Who we're celebrating...thank You, Jesus, for the grace of Your birth and mercy through Your death!  We eternally celebrate You!!!