16 and 17 MONTHS!!!

16 and 17 months pics!  We've since ditched the pacifier (when Judah had a brief bout with sores on his tongue :( - a common  infection going around)...and attached to "Moose" (a small stuffed moose Jason's mom gave him years ago). 



Since Judah is the strong, silent type, we're pleasantly surprised (understatement) when he indicates how much he can actually understand!  For example, the other day Hannah asked Judah to sing her a song...and he immediately started pinching his fingers into the "Itsy Bitsy Spider!"  This wasn't a song frequently sung around the Hatch home (until now), so he must've picked it up during Kids Day Out.  This was the same sneaky way Judah surprised Hannah with his knowledge of "belly" and "ear" - just a quick and silent point...then a smile (as if to say, ha ha! I am SO much smarter than you give me credit for!). 

And then, a new move...


Cabela's "friend date" with the Campbells!  We have matching families - mom, dad, and baby boy.  Levi is about 5 months Judah's senior, and Judah's best friend :)  (also, coincidentally, another tribe of Israel!)  We had a blast!!!



After months in triple digit heat, the ranch was comparatively chilly :)  A cold front FINALLY hit Texas (now we just need a little...a lot...of rain).  We drove up to see Grandma, accompanied by Sarah!!  Every morning we bundled up (mid-50s), sipped coffee (hot chocolate), and watched for deer from the balcony.  Every afternoon we trekked through the ranch or took a ride on the Ranger, collecting treasures (rocks, turkey feathers, gourds :) ).  Judah found a new friend (Grandma's cement turtle), and in Memphis tradition, we devoured a watermelon.

...just water...


...and hugs...

...hey, pass that over...



We need to start writing down Judah's milestones.  Certain special events are written in random calendars (baby's first bath!  baby's first smile!), but there are other moments...Judah specialties...like the reaffirming pat he gives your back during a hug, or the sound he makes when blowing a kiss.  We want to remember that although Judah is a man of VERY few words, he can point to eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, feet, head, legs, belly, knees, and hands.  And while he has been pointing to the elephant, bear, cat, monkey, and other animals within his books for several weeks, two days ago he made his first animal noise :)  A monkey.  Judah even curls his fists into his sides, pumping his arms while yelling "ooooo!!  ahhhhh!!"  After Papa's visit to Irving, Judah began giving "knuckles" to everyone...EVERYONE.  In the grocery store, down the halls at church, from our neighbor's 1 month old to the sweet ladies in their 80's, Judah sticks out his fist in invitation for "knuckles."  His first word was "more" - followed by "ball" and then little else...for MONTHS.  And finally, after months of waving frantically, he said "bye!"  Over and over, with loud and excited affirmation from his parents :)