Lots of fun in April :)


It all started so innocently...a fun night of bocce ball at the park with sweet friends, and one of those heavenly ordained moments when a family of 2 small boys and 2 labrador puppies invited Judah to play nearby...
Judah chased, and carried, and pet, and ran squealing from the 2 precious labs (just a little smaller than he is) for almost an hour!  It seemed an ordained evening for Jason and Hannah as well because Judah played himself into exhaustion :)

But then...

For DAYS, and every second of every waking moment upon DAYS, Judah requested a puppy of his own :)  We challenged Judah to consider where the dog would sleep, where he would play and stay when were at church...he had answers for everything (the simplest of which was to just buy a new house).  Every meal Judah ate became an opportunity to share food with his dog...every cartoon we watched became a new name for his dog...every yard we passed became the home of his future dog.

It was all so simple...

"Let's get a backyard, and get a dog, and we'll call him Martha, and he'll eat APPLES!" - Judah

Our simple solution to our puppy crazed 3-year old??  A family trip to Petland!  We played with 3 different dogs...Judah scratched his puppy itch, Jason picked a baby retriever to cuddle, and even Paisley tried teething on a little shih-poo :)

BABY in the BLUEBONNETS - part iv

I suppose we should title our annual photo shoot of the Hatchlings buried in our state's finest blooms "BABIES in the Bluebonnets," but my OCD couldn't reconcile consistency (the past 4 years have all been titled "Baby...") with my love of correct grammar.  For the sake of keeping tradition AND honoring the English language, we'll consider Paisley the only new baby of our photos...Judah's been promoted to little boy :)  Even "toddler" is too young a description for our 1st (wild) child.  Judah rarely "toddled" anywhere...he seems born to run, jump, and climb :)  

So, thanks to a sweet college student (Krista Askey), Africa bound with Buckner as I type this, we have our 2013 Baby, Little Boy, Jason, and Hannah in the Bluebonnets!  a.k.a "Hatchlings in the Bluebonnets!"


SWEET family, friends, and fun at Center Point!
You can't go wrong taking the Hatchlings to a ranch :)



We got old in March...
Judah turned 3!
Paisley turned 6 months! (which doesn't seem old now that she's almost 9 mo)
Hannah turned 27!
Jason turned 31 and a half :)

Time has flown for our little family...