Jason made Judah a sandbox out of an old fishing boat!!  Not only is it fun (and dirty), it's ADORABLE!

Judah's trademark growl...

discovering the feel of sand between his toes...



WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with WONDERFUL family :)  Five years ago the men would hunt while the women cooked, talked, and sewed...it was peaceful...festive but calm.  Now, with 4 boys between 20 months and 3 years, and 1 (very helpful) 6 year old girl, Thanksgiving is DEFINITELY festive but the calm is long gone :)  But we're happy to lose a little quiet to gain a growing family :) The final number this year...19 holiday guests at the ranch!

Judah LOVES Lily!  He followed her all over the house, holding her hand, hugging and giving kisses...he even became a little territorial when the other cousins tried to play with her :)  He also learned to spit (see video below) after eating a fair amount of dirt.  SO much fun :)