HAPPY 25th!!!

A quarter of a century old, and (thanks to Jason and some awesome friends) it was by FAR the best birthday Hannah has celebrated!

The morning started with surprise Cream Soda for the entire College Bible Fellowship in "honor of Hannah Hatch's Birthday!!!"  Then lunch at Spring Creek (free ice cream!) with wonderful friends and a cake :)  AND a special night with just husband and wife at Italian Inn...the coolest underground restaurant with walls, tables, and ceilings covered in graffiti, booths hidden with saloon doors, and a pianist entertaining diners with romantic Disney songs :)  We tried Fried Calamari (Hannah's first time), followed by Chicken Florentine, and finished with German Chocolate Cake...mmm.



Just a few random "around the house" pics from the past month! 

Update from Judah's 1 year check up...29 lbs, 32 inches, and above the 95th percentile in both.  He's been in the 18-24 month clothing range for quite a while now, but his face is obviously slimmer...losing that "baby" quality :(  However, we still enjoy the rolling thighs!!!  And with summer coming up, Judah's flashing a lot more leg these days :) 

Crawling remains Judah's first choice in tearing through the house, but we've seen a lot more walking in the last few days.  To encourage this skill (and inspire a future "skill") Jason found a lawn mower walker!  Judah LOVES cutting the grass :)  Look carefully below and you'll see Jason teaching Judah another lesson in being "boy" - play with bugs.  In between eating dandelions and pulling up the grass in our front yard, Judah played with his first grasshopper.



Last Monday, Jason took Hannah for date day while Judah was at KDO...a picnic at the Dallas Arboretum!  It was chosen as one of the top 14 locations in the WORLD to view spring flowers!  Maybe it was the wonderful weather...maybe it was the freedom of not worrying about Judah eating grass...maybe it was the exquisite company...but it was the perfect day.  Besides showing off God's unfathomable creativity through gorgeous blooms and thousands of colors, our favorite aspect was the grass.  Impossibly soft!  And with a coolness that made it feel slightly damp.  We couldn't bring ourselves to wear shoes for most of the day.  Hannah brought Judah back to the Arboretum after KDO (same day re-entry is free!), but with so much to see and taste, Judah didn't sit still long enough for many pictures :)


We can't believe it...Judah is ONE YEAR OLD!!!  People warned us time would fly, but this is ridiculous! 

To celebrate, we had a John Deere themed party :)  It was the perfect day...beautiful weather, cute kids, awesome friends, and a SMASH CAKE.  Judah was a little hesitant to dig into his smash cake, and (even more surprisingly) did not try to lick his frosting coated fingers for several minutes (the kid eats grass and wipes, but not sugar)...however, after that first taste, he quickly caught onto the idea :)