p.s. - we took a short clip of our little walker for all our out of town family.  He's practically sprinting now!


WHOO HOO!!! Jesus is ALIVE!!! We had a 2 day celebration of events to commemorate Christ’s POWER – His power over sin and death, His power of redemption and salvation, His power in eternal Heaven, and His power through His SPIRIT that lives in US while He sits ALIVE at the right hand of the throne of God!

Saturday we took Judah to his first Easter Egg Hunt :) Mom was in charge of pictures, Dad was in charge of the basket, and Jonathon was in charge of directing Judah’s attention to the next egg. It was a nice try. We managed to make it home with a few eggs, but Judah mostly ran around yelling “Ball! Ball!” (his new word for everything somewhat round) with an egg in each hand. He’d occasionally surrender an egg to his basket, but more often than not he’d just throw them. Then we heard the story of Easter, and went home to break open the eggs.

"Ball!! Ball!!"


Sunday God spoke a powerful word through John. We looked at Revelation 5, asking who was worthy to break the 7 seals of the scroll in Heaven. The scroll brings judgement and blessings, but in God’s ultimate power is ultimate holiness – so we need someone who is equally powerful and holy, but can absorb the wrath of God on our behalf. Enter Jesus :) Read it (Revelation 5) – He is the slaughtered Lamb and the Lion of Judah…a sacrifice of ultimate power and ultimate holiness who conquered death. THEN, we enjoyed TONS of food and friends at the Durhams' house! How AWESOME it was to spend Easter with our Texas family :)



Yay!  The Dallas Zoo!!!  It's been YEARS since we've been to the zoo, and (of course) it was a first time experience for Judah.  We met up with some sweet friends on the perfect day and had a blast :)  Our favorites...the giraffes and lion.



Bonfire and a piñata! After Wednesday night service we talked, played “Signs,” celebrated Anthony’s birthday with a soccer piñata and a plunger, and ate candy around the fire :)

p.s. the newly-wed (2 weeks!) you see climbing that tree to hang our piñata woke up COVERED in poison ivy Thursday morning…whoops.


BABY in the BLUEBONNETS - part ii

It’s our 2nd annual “Baby in the Bluebonnets” photo shoot! With such a dry year the bluebonnets were late blooming, and overall they didn’t quite match last year’s blanket of color that covered the sloping medians; HOWEVER, as always, we’re thankful to Lady Bird Johnson and God for our beautiful Texas wildflowers each spring :)

Judah could maneuver his way through the blooms this year (last year he was just shy of 2 months and could only strike a single pose – laying on his back), so he not only toddled his way through the field, he illegally plucked 4 or 5 bluebonnets before eating a few petals.


Long lost photos – the end of March took us to a College Leadership Retreat at the lake house, and Hannah just stumbled upon the below pictures.  It was just getting warm with a cool breeze coming off the water :)  Friends, food, and Jesus.  It was awesome.