Several nights ago, Hannah had a dream...
Based off actual events, one of her old college roomies is expecting (congrats Elise and Nathan!!) - and after delivering a beautiful baby girl (subconscious lie...the sonogram shows a boy), Hannah and Judah went to visit the happy family.  All of a sudden, the precious pink bundle in Elise's arms turned into a precious puppy!  And as Hannah glanced over at her own sweet baby boy, he was now a full grown golden retriever!

Now analyzing the dream through Freudian lenses, we've deduced that Hannah sees our little baby boy growing too fast...no longer a Marley, we look up and our "little one" is already 7 months old!  FYI, he now wears 18 month clothing - his age isn't the only growing number!  Trying to crawl, 4 teeth, moving on to sweet peas and squash...the days really are flying fast.



Fried butter and coke, lattes and oreos, peanut butter sandwiches and COOKIE DOUGH!!!  The Texas State Fair has come and gone, and thanks to a couple of WONDERFUL friends with a few extra tickets, we took a married couple date day to see Big Tex :)
It was Jason's first experience with fair festivities, and while there are still a few famous attractions we've yet to enjoy (e.g. the ferris wheel), we had a blast!  And since no trip to the fair is complete without a minor clogging of the arteries...we tried fried cookie dough!!!



Hello fall!!!  Pumpkins and scarves and hot chocolate, orange and gold and red, chilly mornings and crunchy leaves :)  The Hatch family took advantage of the cooling weather for a beautiful walk!


GEORGIA - part deux

Just a couple of weeks home from our trip to Georgia and...another trip to Georgia!!!  This time around, Jason had a conference in Atlanta that enabled all 3 Hatches to visit the family :)  Lots of laughing, eating on the porch, swinging in the woods, and sweet family time!