We've heard that laughter can add years to your life, and we know that a cheerful heart is like medicine (Proverbs 17:22) - so we're going to be the oldest, healthiest people in the world :)



Back to Grandma Bobbie's ranch!  This time, Papa John was with us :)  As usual, we had a blast.  Not much water hose action this time - mornings were low 50s and it stayed in the mid 80s most days.  But we did eat our farewell watermelon :)

Jason took us out on the ranger most afternoons, and it quickly become the favorite part of Judah's day. He even had his first driving lesson...

Grandma Bobbie caught a frog in the driveway!  So, being the experienced mother and grandmother and great-grandmother that she is, Grandma saved the frog for Judah to investigate :)  He was apprehensive to touch it, but had no qualms giving kisses!

We also visited a PUMPKIN PATCH!!!  Not a "we hauled hay and pumpkins to this open field" but a genuine "pick the pumpkin off the vine" pumpkin patch!
And after all the eating, and driving, and playing, and kissing - Judah was exhausted.  He fell asleep before we hit the pavement off the ranch drive, and stayed asleep for over 3 hours :)



The weather is FINALLY starting to cool down, so we now take several trips each week to the park.  Judah makes friends, slides down the "big kid" slide (*tear), and burns off a lot of energy :)